Universal Control Systems is an authorized installation and service partner for many of the leading access control technology manufacturers. We have decades of experience working with businesses to design the access control system that best fits their needs for performance, flexibility and cost.

The access control systems that we offer range from modest access control systems that use proximity cards, to the most sophisticated biometric systems that use hand geometry and fingerprint recognition technology.

Today, these systems not only control physical access, they provide security badge options and track specific employee, visitor and equipment movements in and out of your premises or restricted areas within your facility. Access control systems can also serve a dual purpose by automating employee time and attendance reporting.

Web-Based Access Control Systems

The web-based access control systems now available through Universal Control Systems have no dedicated servers, PCs or hard drives. They are based on solid-state control panels and can be integrated into a company’s IT network. Using a web-browser, security administrators can manage the access control system by logging on from any computer that has a network or Internet connection.

These new web-based access control systems are extremely flexible, dramatically scalable and able to grow as a company’s needs grow. A small company with an immediate need for a modest system, perhaps controlling four doors at one location with 20 key card-holders, can install a very robust web-based access control system that can easily grow to handle hundreds of doors, thousands of card-holders or employees and multiple locations.

With Access Control, you not only have the ability to control who enters your facility, but you can also control access during specific days and times. You have a complete history of the access data for each area. Individual access can be set up or changed easily from your main control center onsite or remotely. Our building automation system integrates multiple access card/reader technologies into one easy-to-use system.


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